Black Hole Distribution: New portal added 'Revibe'


Revibe is about to launch their music streaming service in the Nordics.

The Swedish company Revibe will be launching a new on-demand music streaming service this fall. They are focusing exclusively on electronic music and of course Black Hole Recordings' music is available in their library. Revibe has mobile apps for iOS and Android and is also available straight from the browser. 

Revibe includes unique DJ features that can be used to mix and interact with the music. The "Automixer" automatically beat-mixes the transitions between two tracks and makes any playlist become more like a mixtape. Revibe also include a full-blown two channel "DJ Mixer" with Filters, Loops, Crossfade, EQ, Cue and more, that can be used to manually mix tracks from their library. 

Check out their service at and make sure to try the DJ Mixer, once its launched, with some of the latest releases from Black Hole Recordings.

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