Another Day At The Office: Music, for what it's worth...


This following piece is not some lecture about illegal downloading and why you should pay to listen to music.
I like to focus on why you should consider paying to listen to music.
Music has been with people since the beginning of times, how cheesy it may sound: music is pure emotion.
You maybe find yourself getting into trance at a Solarstone gig or crying in bed to a Michael Bolton song after your boy or girlfriend broke up with you.
Any honest musician would always try to put a certain state of mind into his or hers music, it might be an agressive feel from Slayer or a memory of Christmas by Wham.
How do you put value on emotion?

I think that's impossible since every person has different feelings when listening to a song or rocking out at a concert. 
The way this music comes to the fans and listeners has drastically changed the last years. 
When back in the 60s people rush to record stores to get the latest Beatles single, the latest Ferry Corsten album is simply just one click away on your mobile phone. This however doesn't mean you should take music for granted.
Many musicians dedicate their life to making music and putting all things beside to create the most beautifull songs out there.
They might spend hours of writing music in their attics or on the road and might skip time with friends and family to get the best result on this one track or album.
Same goes for dj's, even when they don't play their own songs.
Back in the days dj's went to record shops in the weekends and listened to what the guy had in store for you.
If you were lucky he would pass you that unknown white label promo from The Freestylers that just came in.
If you're the new kid on the block, they just got you the best seller from the shelf and you might be unlucky to play a record that hundreds of dj's received before you.
Nowadays dedicated dj's still spend hours to look for good music, make edits and practice on the latest equipment, just to use that one effect the best way they can.
There are of course dj's who just play the latest Beatport Top 10's any gig, just ignore those in this perspective (or maybe even in general).

They way you now have acces to music doesn't devalue music though!
It's definitely a cultural thing.
Why is it normal not to pay for the use of music while you cannot go into a restaurant, eat food and simply leave without paying a bill.
Why would a chef be any different than a musician, they are both creative people and want you to feel good.
In this day and age of DIY there are thousands of musicians who find creative ways to get the music out to fans.
We can honestly say that we support that and we are very happy when artists sometimes tell us the latest secrets on promoting music.
Next time when you listen to music, try to realise the emotion and what that's worth.
It might even make you more happy.

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