Another Day At The Office: ADE, why even go there?!


Are you spending your nights and days to create that one track that will get you in the Beatport charts and on the biggest festivals? Are you the next Tiësto or the next Trent Reznor? Now it all really starts; you must now leave your bedroom and come to Amsterdam to attend ADE and get your music to the biggest record labels.

Here are some reasons why you should come to Amsterdam Dance Event and how to get the most attention to your demo track.  Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest dance event out there: you will not find that many artists, managers, label owners and dj's in one place anywhere else. This is the best opportunity to meet your idol or that one A&R manager that can get your track into the charts and make you a superstar! ADE is a cool spot to be inspired, many speakers can give you that one tip you will remember for the rest of your career.
 There are presentations on the best ways to use your hardware but also presentations on how to get the best result from your facebook page and twitter account.
All the key players in the dance music industry are present in Amsterdam, you can now learn from the best! The conference is the epicenter of ADE but all parties are at walking distance so when you have been speaking to all those managers all day you can easily go for a drink and dance your ass off at hundreds of cool parties. When you are attending ADE or preparing your demo, make sure you are well prepared:
    – Be certain that the music on the demo USB/CD is correct
    – write a nice biography, not too long and not too short
    – make sure you have a cool package of the demo, cheesy dj pics are really a no-go!
    – social media, write down all the URL's to your twitter, facebook and youtube account
    – your full contact information, full (real) names, email address, telephone number and home address, hey we all need to know who we are talking to right? why do you want to meet A&R managers every 15 minutes? Find the right labels that are already releasing your kind of music, when you make trance it's no use to hand out a demo to a label that only releases drum and bass, how harsh it might sound, you are not that one special artist that will change an A&R manager's mind. Make sure you write down everything you have discussed with the A&R managers or artists so you can do the right follow up some time after ADE, it doesn't make sense to contact on Monday right after ADE, we are all too busy recovering from the hangovers from those great parties in Amsterdam. Come on, Amsterdam is a cool city!! The canals, great architecture, cool people and the Dutch attitude is known all over the planet. Business and fun in one package!     

Above all, just go and have FUN! And be easy on the Dutch herbs and alcohol it might get you into the hospital and you will forget all the cool artists you've met and the great meetings you have with all those cool A&R managers!

We've created a nice Amsterdam Dance Event sampler, put it on before you head out to Amsterdam.

Hugo de Graaf, A&R Manager Wildife / Rub A Duck Black Hole Recordings

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