Andain presents official video for "Much Too Much"


Andain (Josh Gabriel and Mavie Marcos) has a history of divine electronica, spine-tingling lyrics and considerable patience. The band began in 2000 and after first single “Summer Calling” and follow-up “Beautiful Things” (best known for the Gabriel & Dresden Remix, now a classic, sporting 20 million views on Youtube) their name was launched into instant celebrity.

Andain is currently working on a brand new artist album and already released the successful single "Promises" which appeared on many compilations, and reached #13 in SiriusXM’s BPM Top 51 of 2011. In support of their official album, which is ready for release, the duo now presents the new single "Much Too Much", accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Jamie Redford.

"Much Too Much" is a slow paced, but powerful and deeply emotive track that offers a superb backing track for Mavie's soaring vocals.

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