Andain presents artist album "You Once Told Me"


Despite the modest size of their discography, the history of one of EDM’s greatest cult duos has created quite a few ripples in the industry. "Summer Calling". "Beautiful Things". Just the titles of two tracks, but ones that masterminded the rocking of countless club floors. After a band hiatus, the two reunited in 2011 which led to the release of Andain’s first official band album. Until the official release date, Black Hole Recordings will post a new track of "You Once Told Me" on their official Youtube Channel.

A premature finale for one of dance music’s most gifted acts loomed when their individual careers took over, but with "You Once Told Me" fate has intervened. Songstress Mavie Marcos and production wunderkind Josh Gabriel from Gabriel & Dresden finally present their first full-length track collection.

Explaining Andain’s unique production dynamic, Mavie says: “We blended natural acoustic sounds throughout the album with electronic percussive ones. We made sure to keep our musical sound pallet made up of our drum kits and analogue synth sounds, consistent throughout. We thought this would result in the most intricate album for the listener - something that is meant to be listened to, in its entirety, as a cohesive piece of music - not just a string of singles.”

Crafted for a different type of floor, its 11 tracks are filled with translucent melodies, unhurried beats, leading edge FX wizardry, all matched to Mavie's intriguing, elliptical song writing. Long-promised, now delivered "You Once Told Me" is the Andain album fans old and new have been waiting for.

Make sure to visit our official Black Hole Recordings Youtube Channel to check out a new album track each day.

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