10 to answer with O. Crow


A returning item on our website will be 10 To Answer. 10 questions to one of our artists. This week we have O. Crow, her new single 8Bit Robot is now out on Rub A Duck.

Check out here new release here.

1. Who are you and where are you from?

Oh, I was always afraid of this question. It leads me to deep philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, the creation of universe, the human origins and so on. For sure I had the hope that I am not like all the others and my real relatives soon will come from another planet and take me back home. Unfortunately, I did not meet my expectations. And I begin to realize that the scenario where nurses come and take me to the asylum is closer to life. Well, to talk honestly, I do not differ much from the ordinary man. I was born on 8th of June in the cultural center of South of Russia, Krasnodar city. I graduated school, then university with degree in law, I worked as a lawyer, I got married, then born a baby. Everything went just fine, but then I began to suffer from midlife crisis. I realized at once that I do not live the life I want to live and I decided to change everything…

2. When did you start producing music?
Music always took serious place in my life. And, probably, if I was lucky enough to communicate with authors that work in interesting genres in 1995, for instance, I would begin to write much earlier. But all in good time, and it turned out that I met Konstantin Nevelskiy and Igor Maksimenko from F.I.69 in 2011. There are such turning points in life when you understand that things will never be the same again. I clearly remember my first turning point when I heard The Prodigy for the first time. It was the same with guys from F.I.69. They introduced me to the basics of DJ’s work and composition of electronic music. My life changed dramatically. I am really grateful to them for such an opportunity to show myself in the sphere that presents the greatest interest for me.   

3. What are the tracks people should know you of?
Since I am only beginner, I do not think that my early works can be interesting for people. But as for 8bit robot, I think, it deserves attention. I am pleased that the first work I gave to the world caught attention of such important in music world label at once.  

4. What hard- and software do you use to produce your music?
At present I use ordinary PC, Ableton Live 9 and different VST to compose music. I also often use midi pad M-Audio.

5. What are your musical influences?
I have wide variety of musical preferences. It is possible to find masterpieces and total trash in every genre. Alternative, electronic rock music, punk, rave, breakbeat, garage and of course dubstep cause strong emotions in me. I really like heavy bass music.

6. Can you tell us something about your first dj gig?
Unfortunately, there are not so many dubstep fans in Russia, so I did not have the opportunity to perform for big masses. I do not even want to be popular amongst masses. I usually play rare sets for narrow circle of close friends.

7. What's the coming gig you are really looking forward to and why?
Maybe someone will find it strange, but I think that there are no coincidences in life. I do not consider the fact that my first release comes out under Dutch label as coincidence. I love Andersen’s fairytales and I always dreamed of visiting Amsterdam. I would like to visit the event arranged by Rub A Duck and perform on the same stage with The Freestylers, Cookie Monsta and other representatives of the label.

8. What can we expect from you in the near future?
I would like to try myself in other styles, maybe in Drum`N`Bass. And I would also like to work with vocal.

9. Who's the artist you would love to make a track with (dead or alive)?
I would be happy even to stand close to The Prodigy, I do not even talk about working with them, it would be the greatest happiness. Korn already have track with Skrillex. Marilyn Manson is cool. I would like to work with Noisia, Feed Me, Flosstradamus, Major Lazer, Gemini, Nero. There are so many interesting musicians nowadays.

10. Any personal message to the fans?
Maybe such words will not be original, but I know that dreams come true. You only have to believe and help them a little bit. It is never late to change your life fully. Do what you like to do, and do it now.


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