Cosmic Gate - Materia Chapter.Two

Since the release of its sign-in Chapter at the start of the year, ‘Materia’ - Cosmic Gate’s “made for the clubs” (MIXMAG), “impressive”, “roots return” (DJ Mag) LP - has been rocking blocks & wowing crowds in all four corners. Through the project, Nic & Bossi have dug deep to...

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Digital pop up store for Paul Oakenfolds Dreamstate compilation

On April 24th, 2017, a digital pop up store was opened to give all fans of the Dreamstate festival a treat. Paul Oakenfold, who mixed and compiled Dreamstate Vol. 1, is giving away tracks, mixes and ringtones to all his followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The pop up store will be opened...

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Markus Schulz presents Dakota & Koen Groeneveld - Mota-Mota

The hissing vent of the open hi-hat, the smack of the clap, metal-on-metal percussion - something wicked this way comes. Going by the name ‘Mota-Mota’, its deeper bass frequencies underpin prowling rhythms, cut with truculent synths, which are spliced in turn with ethereally warped hunting...

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Create Music opens digital pop up store

This month, Create Music opens their digital pop up store for the first time, where customers can pay with social media instead of money. The pop up store contains Lange’s new track The First Rebirth, and a ringtone version of the track.

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Remix competition: M.I.K.E. Push opens digital pop up store

Today, M.I.K.E. Push opens a digital pop up store where customers can pay with social media instead of money. The pop up store has an exclusive item: a remix pack by Sean & Xander. In return for a tweet, Instagram follow or a Facebook like, you can download the stems of their track Replicant. No...

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Markus Schulz - Bayfront (Miami) [CLHR201]

A new year welcomes a new adventure for DJ Times' America's Best DJ Markus Schulz. Concluding his storied Scream project, he immediately embarks on a fresh concept; but one with roots embodied throughout his career.

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