Pre-order the new Freestylers album "The Coming Storm"

With the official release of their fifth studio album "The Coming Storm", the Freestylers announce their return to the forefront of the industry. After the boys dropped the single of the album's title track, it was clear that they had more up their sleeve. Now the original grandmasters of...

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Black Hole Radio this week with a guestmix from Dj Sasj

BHR Radio this week with the latest tracks and remixes from Andy Duguid & Julie Thompson, Airscape, Giuseppe Ottaviani & Eric Lumiere, Ali Wilson & Vicky Devine, Sydney Blu & Damaged Goods featuring FLICK, Save The Robot, Steve Kaetzel, CIS and Franky Nuts.
The second hour is reserved for a...

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10 to answer with Rue Duo

A returning item on our website will be 10 To Answer. 10 questions to one of our artists. This week we have Rue Duo, their new single Get On is now out on Wildlife.

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Tagged: House

Manufactured Superstars launch new monthly podcast

Who rocks the hardest, bringing the party to the celebrities in Vegas, to the clubbing cognoscenti in New York, to the festival-goers in Miami and the underground purists in Ibiza? It’s the Manufactured Superstars, of course. The successful electronic dance music (EDM) DJ and production duo of...

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Freestylers’ official music video of “The Coming Storm” now online

In addition to the release of their latest single, the Freestylers now proudly present the official musical video of “The Coming Storm”. As with the clips of their previous hit singles “Frozen” and “Over You”, the Freestylers approach the visual presentation of their music from a...

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Black Hole Radio this week with a guestmix from DJ Endemico

BHR Radio this week with the latest tracks and remixes from Eddie Amador, Andy Leka, Johan Gielen Vs. Virtual Vault, Fred Baker, Purple Stories, Rue Duo and O.Crow. In the second hour is reserved for a guestmix by DJ Endemicot who submitted a guestmix through our form.

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Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’

With a track record that begins in 2003, Jawoo swiftly climbs to the top of the international electronic dance industry. In a short period of time he releases several EPs on the Black Hole sub label Wildlife. Tracks like “Face Of The Jungle”, “Life Dimension”, “Strange People”,...

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The first Black Hole Best of the Month playlist and megamix now on Spotify!

For those who always wanted to have direct influence on a Black Hole playlist and megamix we had a selection of 8 titles on our Facebook page the entire week. The fans had the opportunity to choose their favorite release and finally all winning tracks now feature in our Black Hole Best of the...

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