Sociobesity: spread the word!

The following phrase is taken from a dictionary:

(Mass noun)

Pronunciation: səʊʃɪəʊ/ /ə(ʊ)ˈbiːsɪti/
The condition of being overly present on social media.

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FluxBPM interviews Ad Brown about 'Something for the Pain'

Ad Brown did an interview with Flux BPM Online about his 'Something For The Pain' album. He talks about the album in general, but also gives a short backstage story about every track. Read the interview below.

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Another day at the office: Social media, that unhappy feeling

More and more people seem to be suffering from what is called social media depression or anxiety. One out of 3 people leave Facebook more unhappy than they were before their visit. That’s interesting, because everybody seems to love social media as well. In this blog I’ll try to explain this...

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Black Hole Radio Show Year Mix Editions

Listeners of our Black Hole Radio show are in for a real treat. Until the end of the year the weekly radio show evolves around our 2013 year mix. This mix consists of more than 130 tracks from all our labels and sub labels, so you surely won’t get bored! A few of our artist will be wishing you...

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Black Hole Radio this week with a guestmix from Rezone

The show is also packed with great tracks by Ad Brown, Solarstone, Alucard, Ido, George Acosta, Glenn Morrison, Adam Nickey, Jelle Boon and Ben Negative. We also have a guestmix from Rezone. Enough reasons to tune in to Black Hole Radio on all the different stations!!

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Midemblog: iTunes Radio vs. Pandora: Battlefield Europe?

Our New Media manager Bas Kruijssen was asked by Midem to write a series of blogs about his view on the music industry. This is his first blog of the series.

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Black Hole Radio this week with Sied van Riel

To celebrate the upcoming release of 'Rielism 2' we have got two exclusive tracks from Sied Van Riels' new compilation. Of course the show is also packed with great tracks by Andain, Agnelli & Nelson, K.S.Y., Rezone, Andy Duguid, Steve Sanders, 2nd Phase and Giuseppe Ottaviani. Enough reasons to...

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Once Upon A Night 4 mixes featured on Beatport

The two mixes Ferry Corsten did for his Once Upon A Night 4 mixcompilation are now featured on Beatport Mixes.

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