Sociobesity: spread the word!

The following phrase is taken from a dictionary:

(Mass noun)

Pronunciation: səʊʃɪəʊ/ /ə(ʊ)ˈbiːsɪti/
The condition of being overly present on social media.

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FluxBPM interviews Ad Brown about 'Something for the Pain'

Ad Brown did an interview with Flux BPM Online about his 'Something For The Pain' album. He talks about the album in general, but also gives a short backstage story about every track. Read the interview below.

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EDM-News interviews Solarstone

Last week we posted an interview on our social media Solastone did with Russian website No one at the office speaks a word of Russian, so what Solarstone said in the interview was a complete riddle to us. Luckily, one of our great fans found the time to translate the complete...

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Midemblog: Why artists need record labels

During the Amsterdam Dance Event our new media manager, Bas Kruijssen, sat down with a reporter from the Midemblog.

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