Yuriy From Russia - Black Lagoon

Twin Turbo Records

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Yuriy From Russia - Black Lagoon
1. Original Mix
2. Extended Mix

Making a welcome debut to the Perfecto Black ranks is the ever impressive Yuriy From Russia, with his stunning track Black Lagoon. Progressive house in it’s most natural form, Black Lagoon has to be one of Yuriy’s best tracks to date, and one that was immediately snapped up to Black. The track begins with a wonderful, rumbling, driving bass line, the percussion adding yet more pace to the track, before wonderful harmonies create an incredible atmosphere for what lies ahead. Intricate, beautiful arps bring the song to life, with delicate bass line changes putting the icing on the cake. A gorgeous progressive track, and one the Perfecto Black fans will love.


Track list

  • 01
    Black Lagoon
    By Yuriy From Russia