York - Hearts

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PTLC 001
York - Hearts 
1. Dreamy Emotional Remix
2. Dreamy Emotional Radio Edit

York’s 'Hearts' from his first Album 'Experience' was one of the most beloved tracks. Hearts was originally composed by Oliver Lieb under his LSG project. York and Oliver Lieb are friends for a long time and they collaborated already in 1993 on the project 'Paragliders'.

Now 'Hearts' got an uplifting remix treatment by upcoming producer Dreamy. He turned the classic into a 140 BPM trancehammer that will make all old school fans more than happy. It has truly the spirit of the good old days, a fantastic drop with beautiful pads and Yorks guitar line and after that a nice buildup into a big room uplifting trance track. Hearts will go right into your heart!


Track list

  • 01
    Hearts (Dreamy Emotional Remix)
    By York
  • 02
    Hearts (Dreamy Emotional Radio Edit)
    By York