Viente and Airen - Voices

Black Hole

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Black Hole 571-0
Viente & Airen - Voices
1. Original Mix

A new name has entered the EDM scene: Viente & Airen. Making an outstanding first impression with their debut track on the Black Hole imprint, the two present their name with music that makes it clear to keep an eye on other material they have up their sleeve.

Focusing completely on the strong build up of their fully instrumental track, Viente & Airen use note after note give way to the theme of their track. With a slightly classic undertone, the track unwraps a subtle composition with slightly techy beats, a superb synth hook and good old lengthy break.

In the past two decades, many tracks by the same title or with the word voices in it, have reached a classic status. Viente & Airen may well have released their first instant anthem with their debut floorfiller “Voices”. One to watch, one to play loudly and one that keeps us curious to hear their future releases.

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    By Viente and Airen