Various Artists - Wildlife Label Sampler


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The Wildlife imprint, a division of Black Hole Recordings since 1999, has always focused on the purest form of house; all based on groovy beats, disco grooves, soul and funky elements. The first releases mostly covered the material of the act Jaimy & Kenny D; later on DJ Debra and Tony Thomas were added to the roster. House was still predominantly produced with a lot of rhythm and percussion, delivering the unique sound that radiated off the Wildlife releases.

Since early 2011, the Wildlife imprint has seen a fresh revival with artists such as Jess-E, Lexvaz & JJ Mullor, Chadash Cort, Brett Gould, Stefan K and Monobrother D; their productions receiving the support of big names in the industry like Max Graham, Sander Kleinenberg, Peter Gelderblom, Blake Lewis, Shadowfall, Eddie Sender, Blake Lewis and many others.

Wildlife has become synonym for quality tracks from deep house to vocal house, tech house and electro house and now offers a superb sampler featuring the absolute best singles and remixes the imprint has released in 2012. Ten massive smashes that have earned the Wildlife quality seal, all wrapped up in a sampler that every self-respecting house DJ simply can't afford to miss.

Track list

  • 01
    I Feel Your Energy
    By Jess-E featuring KT Forrester
  • 02
    Hot Hot Hot
    By Lexvaz & JJ Mullor
  • 03
    Keep On Touchin (Erick Morillo Edit)
    By Jaimy & Kenny D.
  • 04
    It's Time
    By Brett Gould
  • 05
    By Stefan K
  • 06
    When Love's Calling You
    By Damien J. Carter featuring Michael Feiner
  • 07
    The Mouse
    By Jawoo
  • 08
    Set the Sun
    By Rue Duo featuring Sherelle McKenzie
  • 09
    Brand New
    By Chadash Cort featuring Iossa
  • 10
    By Monobrother D