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Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck presents “One Year The Best In Bass”

The Dutch Rub A Duck label looks back on a successful year and is still growing. After a long string of more than 30 EP releases, three label nights with performances from, amongst others, The Freestylers, Lephen, Esolar and Wetdog and the release of a label sampler, Rub A Duck now presents an extensive overview in music featuring the best of the already copious back catalogue of the still young imprint, entitled “One Year The Best in Bass”.  

The one thing that underlines the success of Rub A Duck is that they were able to secure big acts like The Freestylers, Utah Saints, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Crystal Method, MRK1 and Sound Avtar in a pretty short period of time. And even with the label’s initial focus on the release of dubstep, electro and rave, it was still clear that even for the remixes famous acts like Cookie Monsta, Ed Rush & Optical, Damn You Mongolians and Datsik signed up with pleasure. More than one year down the road the label offers not only a platform for the established names from the U.K., India, Bulgaria and The Netherlands, but also for young talent like Relay & Front, Wetdog, Jelle Boon and Hectic; highly acclaimed artists such as John B, Ed Rush & Optical, Dub Pistols and Steve Oaki made it clear that they are fans of the releases.

Rub A Duck’s reputation quickly spread itself into the world of electronic dance music (EDM), a fact that lead to in impressive roster of artists and releases. Today’s sound of Rub A Duck’s output moves from the underground dubstep and glitch hop of artists like Zinnat and Hectic to the heavy electro of Esolar and Wetdog and doesn’t shy away from the breaks of Jagged HedZ and Them & Us (in cooperation with Stanton Warriors) or the electro house from Jelle Boon and The BeeJays. The track listing of “One Year The Best in Bass” is the best example for all this top-notch music.

Despite the scepticism in homeland The Netherlands, Rub A Duck managed to harvest success abroad with releases on major compilations from Ministry of Sound (U.K.) (Dirty Beats and Sound of Dubstep Darker 2), ZYX (Dubsteppaz Worldwide 2, Germany) and Xelon (Mind The Dubstep 1 and 2, Moshpit Bass Rock Like This, Australia/New Zealand). Xelon also distributes the full Rub A Duck catalogue in Australia and New Zealand where the genres are huge.

Rub A Duck label manager Hugo de Graaf about “One Year The Best in Bass”: "The reason to found Rub A Duck has never been a matter of "jumping on the dubstep bandwagon". With the label we want to build bridges and release good music with a positive attitude and an open mindset. This 23 track overview “One Year Best in Bass” is the jewel in the crown for us and it is the best way to show our appreciation to all the artists in the Rub A Duck family for all their hard work in the past year."

One of the recent achievements of Rub A Duck was reached whaen “Close”, the hit single of Drumsound & Bassline Smith, won the awards for Best Track and Best Video at the Official Drum ‘n’ Bass Awards. Rub A Duck released the single for the Benelux, together with “Feeling Good” by Mooqee & Pimpsoul featuring the vocals of Bianca Gerald and “What Can You Do For Me” by Utah Saints vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith. Last but not least, the most recent CD release, “Duck Down Dubstep” has seen thousands of additional pressings for the same Benelux market and is currently one of the most played compilations in the genre on Spotify. In the meantime new artists like DJ Rockid and Franky Nuts have been signed to the label, so there is still more to come.

Rub A Duck’s “One Year The Best in Bass” 23-track compilation is not just the materialised success story of a young and positive new label, but also an essential collection full of killer state of the art electronic dance music, ready for every DJ to ignite the world’s dance floors.

Track list

  • 01
    By Savoy
  • 02
    Frozen (Cookie Monsta Remix)
    By The Freestylers featuring Joshua Steele
  • 03
    Sine Language (Datsik Remix)
    By The Crystal Method featuring LMFAO
  • 04
    All I Want (Eyes Remix)
    By Viper9 featuring Matt Nash and RIO
  • 05
    Explode (Jacob Plant Remix)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash
  • 06
    By Tyler Blue
  • 07
    Shine (Pyramid’s Drop the Bass Remix)
    By Julie Thompson
  • 08
    Feeling Good (Herbgrinder Remix)
    By Mooqee and Pimpsoul featuring Bianca Gerald
  • 09
    Sell My Soul (Into the Vortex Mix)
    By Jagged Hedz featuring Dave Vader
  • 10
    Footprints (Radio Edit)
    By Damn You Mongolians featuring Katie's Ambition
  • 11
    The Moan of a Machine
    By Sickflip
  • 12
    Le Suicide
    By Lephen
  • 13
    Drop Dead
    By Sound Avtar
  • 14
    Living a Lie (Damn You Mongolians Remix)
    By MRK1 featuring KT Forrester
  • 15
    What Can You Do for Me (Tantrum Desire Remix)
    By Utah Saints vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith
  • 16
    Feel (Dubstep Mix)
    By Phoenyx and Kunala