Various Artists - Rub a Duck presents Dubstep's Finest 2

Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck presents "Dubstep's Finest 2"

After the introduction of the new Dutch imprint Rub A Duck in 2011, the label quickly became known for the release of high quality dubstep, electro and rave. Since then, many new acts and singles have been signed to the imprint. The ultimate proof of the fast growth of Rub A Duck led to the release of a first, comprehensive compilation. Rub A Duck now presents a highly anticipated follow up, aptly entitled "Dubstep's Finest 2", featuring once again the absolute best dubstep originals and remixes.

Time has flown since Rub A Duck signed the world famous U.K. act The Freestylers with their hit single "Frozen" featuring Joshua Steele; a move that immediately put the label on the world map. Pretty soon after, the label secured more big dubstep, rave and electro acts. Currently serving as the home of India based Sound Avtar and Sickflip,Viper9 & Rio, Hectic, Wetdog, Franky Nuts, Kouncilhouse, Knightfreak, Jagged HedZ, Relay & Front and many others, it is clear that Rub A Duck has a massive rep to protect.  

"Rub A Duck presents Dubstep's Finest 2" offers a rock solid resume of the label's 2012 output. Just as with last year's release, the compilation stands for the cream of the crop from Rub A Duck, featuring such smashes like "Dust" by Jagged HedZ featuring Dave Vader, "Feel Good" by Relay & Front, "Lucky 7" by Kouncilhouse & Knightfreak featuring Ashley Slater, "Believe & Achieve" by Hectic featuring Leighanna, "Animal" by Franky Nuts featuring Skinto and Don The Baron and many, many others.

"Rub A Duck presents Dubstep's Finest 2" is the crucial compilation of 2012 for everyone that digs true dubstep, glitch hop, drum 'n' bass, electro and rave!

Track list

  • 01
    Keep Talkin
    By Futurizm
  • 02
    Rave Safe (Hectic Remix)
    By Knightfreak
  • 03
    Feel Good
    By Relay & Front
  • 04
    Monster On a Rope
    By Sound Avtar
  • 05
    Believe & Achieve (Sound Avtar Remix)
    By Hectic featuring Leighanna
  • 06
    By Franky Nuts featuring Skinto and Don De Baron
  • 07
    By Zinnat
  • 08
    Dust (Lephen Remix)
    By Jagged HedZ featuring Dave Vader
  • 09
    Drop Dead
    By Sound Avtar
  • 10
    Steppin' Back
    By Lephen
  • 11
    My Release (Threnody Remix)
    By Tilt featuring Maria Nayler
  • 12
    By Them&Us
  • 13
    Lucky 7
    By Kouncilhouse and Knightfreak featuring Ashley Slater
  • 14
    Feel (Dubstep Mix)
    By Phoenyx and Kunala