Various Artists - Pure Trance Progressive Extended.

Pure Progressive

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Pure Trance Progressive Extended
1. Nick Stoynoff - Omni (Extended Mix)
2. Evgeny Lebedev - Deep Thoughts (Extended Mix)
3. Jelly For The Babies & Odison -  Utopia (Extended Mix) 

3 extended cuts from Disc 1 of Pure Trance Vol. 5 in all their glory. Moscow producer Evgeny Lebedev’s Deep Thoughts is just that; deep and thoughtful, propelled by a cavernous portamento bassline and echo-chamber-esque plucks. Chicago’s Nick Stoynoff gives us Omni; an exercise in the craft of less is more – a piece of music which uses expressive textures and hypnotic rhythms to create an immersive dancefloor atmosphere. Utopia from Belgrade’s ‘Jelly For The Babies’ and fellow Serian Odison uses layers of murky filtered piano, crisp percussion and a sonorous bassline to weave its own tapestry of progressive magic.

Track list

  • 01
    Omni (Extended Mix)
    By Nick Stoynoff
  • 02
    Deep Thoughts (Extended Mix)
    By Evgeny Lebedev
  • 03
    Utopia (Extended Mix)
    By Jelly For The Babies & Odison