Various Artists - Paul Veth presents Addicted To House

Black Hole

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Breathing and living house music as his daily cup of strong and energizing coffee, it's no surprise that Paul Veth has decided to setup his debut mixcompilation under the title "Addicted To House". And given the string of successful singles that the Dutch DJ/producer brought to the world in the house/electro-house genre so far, the step towards a full release may be a long overdue, but logical one. For those who need a quick fix of house driven goodness, "Addicted To House" by Paul Veth comes to the rescue.

Paul Veth started his DJ career in the early 2000s and moved his style to house in 2007. His great ability to understand what the crowd wants to hear eventually got him a residency at the world famous club Spock, where Tiësto once began behind the turntables himself. Bookings at Hed Kandi, Escape Venue, Hotel Arena and Off Corso followed soon and it was during those days that Paul began producing his own tracks like “Masquerade”, “Dubbin” and “Tormentoso”. Other titles that appeared were “All There Is”, “Clap”, “And We Can”, “Feels So Good” and “Make You Feel Alright”.

It eventually was Paul Veth's unique blend of uplifting, soulful and funky tech house that caught the attention of Black Hole Recordings and it didn't take long before Paul released his output on the Black Hole sub labels Wildlife and Avanti. His singles "Dali's Groove", "Do The Talking" and "Rising" reaped the support of Judge Jules, Axwell, Eddie Sender, Jorg Zimmer and many more and were hammered throughout the summer of 2012.

Taking his acclaimed house style up a notch with a bit more tech- and electro influence, Paul Veth ceases the moment to show the other side of his skills as a live DJ with this debut mixcompilation. Featuring a track list that bursts with superb cuts like "Let's Dance" by Chadash Cort ft. Joleene, Iossa & Martin M, "All You and I" by Steve Smooth and Tony Arzadon ft. Tamra Keenan, "Sweet Melody" by Alex Kunnari" and of course Paul Veth's own productions like "Dali's Groove" (here in the J-Soul Remix), "Addicted To House" has become an intense house workout that rocks the party until the break of dawn.

Track list

  • 01
    Let's Dance
    By Chadash Cort featuring Joleene, Iossa & Martin M.
  • 02
    Do the Talking
    By Paul Veth
  • 03
    Indi Space
    By J-Soul featuring Blackfeel Wite
  • 04
    By Asi Givati
  • 05
    Dali's Groove (J-Soul Remix)
    By Paul Veth
  • 06
    Sweet Melody
    By Alex Kunnari featuring Jon Hall
  • 07
    Rip It Up
    By Tony Arzadon
  • 08
    Fox & Koi (Roger Shah & Brian Laruso Mix)
    By Global Experience
  • 09
    All You and I
    By Steve Smooth & Tony Arzadon featuring Tamra Keenan
  • 10
    Nobody's Going Anywhere
    By Felix Leiter
  • 11
    By Suyano
  • 12
    By Paul Veth
  • 13
    By Ronyz
  • 14
    Keep On Rocking
    By BIGGI
  • 15
    Save the Day (Tony Arzadon Remix)
    By Aruna
  • 16
    Paul Veth presents Addicted to House (Continuous Mix)
    By Paul Veth