Vadim Bonkrashkov - Hard Lights

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Vadim Bonkrashkov - Hard Lights
1. Extended Mix

Vadim Bonkrashkov makes his debut on Create with a storming power trancer! As the name suggests, Hard Lights is a slamming've been warned! Huge stabs and smashing drum fills scatter the intro which blasts into the breakdown where a bending held bass gives way to a moment of calmness in the form of gentle choir. The mood lifts with the addition of a delicate pluck melody, then orchestral percussion and pads give it a film soundtrack edge. At the end of the break, a moment's silence gives way to big synth chords then the beat comes back in with a slamming on beat clap which is soon joined by an even bigger snare roll... here comes the drop. Dancefloor destroyed.

Track list

  • 01
    Hard Lights (Extended Mix)
    By Vadim Bonkrashkov