Unknown Source - Nadjanema

Deep In Thought

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Unknown Source - Nadjanema
1. AA Meeting Extended Remix
2. AA Meeting Remix

What is the essence of trance? What is the epitome of trance? What is the very definition of trance and what are the elements that a track needs to fit into this genre? Well we believe that the original mix of Unknown Source - Nadjanema is truly one of the greatest trance records ever written with iconic sections of unique riff that twist and change given the track a peak time m momentum from the start to the end. Add to this the fact that this version has been given a 2020 turbo injected overhaul by AA Meeting - and we believe we’ve landed on the perfect trance record. Melodic, driving, emotional, uplifting, banging - it’s got it all. We could not be prouder to have the first ever appearance of AA Meeting take place on DIT!

Track list

  • 01
    Nadjanema (AA Meeting Extended Remix)
    By Unknown Source