UNIMI - Between Darkness

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UNIMI - Between Darkness
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

Continuing Intonenation Axiom’s stellar run of releases in 2020 is Between Darkness, an inspired and enormous slice of prog-lifting genius from mysterious Dutch bootleg champion, UNIMI. Combining the sound of progressive trance, with the pure energy of uplifting trance, UNIMI has broken through the final frontier, creating a new genre in the space between progressive and uplifting trance. Opening with a hypnotic beat, the epic energy is apparent right from the start. As Between Darkness drops into its first breakdown, the mesmerizing piano theme appears, and grows with layers of synths and snares. When the leads hit, you’ll be reaching for the air as energy grows with electronic wash, after electronic wash. A huge pitch-bending builds cause exactly the right type of anxiety, and you know there’s only one place we can be going. The drop crashes down with a deep sense of satisfaction, bringing order and chaos in equal measure and turning the dance floor into a mosh pit. As the power subsides, the melody lingers on in the air, and the ride begins again. Between Darkness creates the bridge between progressive and uplifting, and with it, UNIMI has delivered the perfect DJ tool for every peak time set.

Track list

  • 01
    Between Darkness (Extended Mix)
    By UNIMI