Tonal Axis - Rainfall

Pure Progressive

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Tonal Axis - Rainfall
1. Monoverse Remix
2. Original Mix

Rainfall, a beautiful piece of down-tempo, ambient music - was released in 2014, one of 12 chill-out tracks that formed Disc 3 of the critically acclaimed Electronic Architecture 3. Santos Torres a.k.a Monoverse has deconstructed, refocused and reassembled the component parts with one eye on the Stranger Things theme, the other on modern, progressive dance-floors. The melody and motif from the original are all present and correct at the break and are complimented by other warm analogue sounds and some James Holden-esque quirky synth-work. Powerful stuff.

Track list

  • 01
    Rainfall (Monoverse Remix)
    By Tonal Axis
  • 02
    By Tonal Axis