Ton TB - Electronic Malfunction

Outburst Records

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Ton TB - Electronic Malfunction
1. Paul Denton Remix
2. Nick Callaghan Remix

Ton TB's seminal Electronic Malfunction became an instant classic back in the day and now the robotic themed monster returns on Outburst, with production whizz-kids Paul Denton and Nick Callaghan on the remix tip. They both flip the track on it's head and pump up the production 2017 style! Mark debuted Paul’s remix at Dreamstate in Los Angeles last November and it completely tore the roof off. Don't adjust your speakers though... this malfunction was intended for your dancefloors! This is as big as it gets with Paul and Nick both in the driver's seat - it's time to buckle up!

Track list

  • 01
    Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix)
    By Ton TB
  • 02
    Electronic Malfunction (Nick Callaghan Remix)
    By Ton TB