T.O.M. - Monsoon

In Trance We Trust

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In Trance We Trust 499-0
T.O.M. - Monsoon
1.Original // 2.Jason van Wyk Remix // 3.Tommygoff's Aftersun Remix

And they're back again, the guys from T.O.M. This is their new single release on our In Trance We Trust imprint, entitled "Monsoon".

A real monsoon in nature might refer to a change of seasons with lots of rain, but with this new single "Monsoon" is the title of a superb track. When we focus on the original version, then we just have to brace ourselves for a fast paced tech trancer with hard hitting beats and a thick, rolling bassline. The theme, played by soft synths in the break and by shredding strings throughout the track, comes in continuously growing layers and moves toward a lovely climax. An urging drive is the end result; it just keeps going and going.

Jason van Wyk and Tommygoff took the rough edges off the original and each worked their own magic. Jason van Wyk's version offers a smooth trance experience; Tommygoff turned up the BPM for a more tech trance rendition.

Supported by:
Ronski Speed, Mark Eteson, Ruben de Ronde, Mallorca Lee, Austin Kramer (Sirius XM), Mario Rybanksy (Dance One Radio), Anton Firtich, Jon O'Bir, Pedro Del Mar, Moonbeam, ATB, Raz Nitzan, Jochen Miller, Rachel Rixam, Marc Zims, Markus Schulz, Andrea Mazza (m2o, Trance Evolution), Ashley Wallbridge, Julius Beat, Lisa Lashes, Paul Oakenfold, M.I.K.E., Lange, Matt Cerf, Bobina, Steve Anderson, DJ Feel, Nils Brokerhof, Menno de Jong, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Dazzle, Gareth Emery, Blake Jarrell, Tom Colontonio, Simon Budziszyn, tyDi, Beltek, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Michael Paterson, Steve Helstrip, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Artento Divini, Tim Stark, DJ Sasj, Andy Moor, Stuart Millar, Dash Berlin and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    By T.O.M.
  • 02
    Monsoon (Jason van Wyk Remix)
    By T.O.M.
  • 03
    Monsoon (Tommygoff's Aftersun Remix)
    By T.O.M.