Thomas Mengel featuring Roberta Harrison - Accelerate

Black Hole

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Black Hole 517-0
Thomas Mengel featuring Roberta Harrison - Accelerate
1. Original
2. Radio Edit

Thomas Mengel presents his brand new single “Accelerate” on the Black Hole imprint with the vocals of Roberta Harrison.

27 year old Thomas Mengel is from Denmark and has so far been very active as a dedicated DJ. In his hometown Aarhus he has always been busy with organizing house events and he also played himself on various occasions. Thomas Mengel has recently mixed the third CD featuring the best classics from the In Search Of Sunrise series as part of a contest connected to the release of the 10th volume of ISOS as mixed by Richard Durand. In the past few months, Thomas Mengel released the two singles "Heliconia" and "Slick Attitude", which recently appeared on the Progressive House EP 001.

"Accelerate" further shapes the sound of Thomas Mengel's productions, this time focusing attractively on his skills when it comes to arranging vocal tracks. As with Thomas' previous releases "Heliconia" and "Slick Attitude", "Accelerate" immediately catches on thanks once again to an incredible drive combined with deep and touching synth- and string programming. With Roberta Harrison's singing topping the track off, all DJs can be certain that this one will work perfectly in their live sets.

Track list

  • 01
    By Thomas Mengel featuring Roberta Harrison
  • 02
    Accelerate (Radio Edit)
    By Thomas Mengel featuring Roberta Harrison