Thick As Thieves - Collide (The Remixes)

Techburst Records

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Thick As Thieves - Collide
1. Peter Fern Remix
2. KETNO Remix
3. Etherculture Remix

The remix pack for this 2019 Collide track by Thick As Thieves (a.k.a. Mark Sherry and David Forbes) is seriously stunning! The hard techno scene is on fire at the moment, so why not pick 3 of the most talented artists of the genre to take care of the remix business? Peter Fern, KETNO and Etherculture have all delivered some of their finest productions to date, and each remix is guaranteed to pulverise the hardest of techno dance floors around the globe, with their fierce acidic vibes, BIG remix package alert!

Track list

  • 01
    Collide (Peter Fern Remix)
    By Thick As Thieves
  • 02
    Collide (KETNO Remix)
    By Thick As Thieves
  • 03
    Collide (Etherculture Remix)
    By Thick As Thieves