The Freestylers featuring Fast Eddie - The Sound

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RAD 083-1
The Freestylers featuring Fast Eddie - The Sound 
1. Zoo Brazil Remix
2. Original Mix

Hey 2014, '88 called - they want their frequency back!!

Well, too bad! They ain’t getting it anytime soon because with ‘The Sound’, those incorrigible, irrepressible Freestylers have performed an extreme dawn-of-house-music hijack!

Having already locked down an ironclad club conqueror with January’s drum&bass-fest 'Falling', Aston Harvey & Matt Cantor are back to the frontlines in the blink of an eye. Joining the ranks for this ’88 channeling ride is none other than the legendary Acid housemaster himself, Fast Eddie, who fires up with 'The Sound' with his infectious microphone ministrations. 

With its acid turning, burning and generally thundering (pushing those PH levels through the roof), the Original Mix of ‘The Sound’ has Freestylers firing the late Eighties sound through the 2014 prism. With future-shocking M1 piano lines, super-hard claps, 808 drum rolls and more tweakin’, peakin’, speaker-freakin’ 303 than is conventionally healthy, they prep the stage for Fast Eddie. With the hip-house master in full lyrical flow, collectively they pull off the one big sonic Jack-attack!  

Getting every bit as much into the spirit, Sweden’s Zoo Brazil drops a classically themed deep house groove under ‘The Sound’. Keeping the acid on a slow rolling churn, (think Mr. Fingers ‘Washing Machine cut, kitted and retrofitted with 2014 technology & techniques), know you’ve never heard something so deep sound quite so uplifting!


Track list

  • 01
    The Sound (Zoo Brazil Remix)
    By The Freestylers featuring Fast Eddie
  • 02
    The Sound
    By Freestylers featuring Fast Eddie