Tea Vuckovic - Sustain Your Desire + Attack the Fear

Techburst Records

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Tea Vuckovic - Sustain Your Desire + Attack the Fear
1. Sustain Your Desire
2. Attack the Fear

Tea Vuckovic is no stranger to Techburst. With a solo EP and an official remix of Mark Sherry's Global Eclipse on the label so far, her feet are well in the door and now we have another mind-blowing 2 track EP here that demands your full attention! Sustain Your Desire is drenched in groove, attitude and sheer power. Melodic stabs, huge reverb FX and a ruthless kick and bass rule the roost. While Attack Your Fear has an interesting and subtle breakbeat groove that’s laden with Tea's trademark stabs and also a sub-bass that will make your dance-floor tremor. Another impressive release from a rising star in the dark world of hard techno!

Track list

  • 01
    Sustain Your Desire
    By Tea Vuckovic
  • 02
    Attack the Fear
    By Tea Vuckovic