Sunny Lax - Maono EP


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Songbird 332-0
Sunny Lax - Maono EP
1. Maono
2. Miele
3. Something Is Broken (AERO 21 Remix)

Sunny Lax presents his brand new "Maono EP" on the Songbird imprint, featuring the titles "Maono", "Miele" and a brand new Aero 21 Remix of his 2011 single "Something Is Broken".

Sunny Lax, real name Levente Marton, was born in Hungary on August 6, 1986 and debuted with the famous “P.U.M.A. / Cassiopeia” EP as his debut release on Anjunabeats in 2005. Marton followed this up with the 12” single entitled “M.I.R.A.”, featuring a remix by Daniel Kandi. Later on, Sunny delivered the single “Blue Bird” and he has been releasing tracks consistently from that moment on. Sunny Lax is also part of the Black Hole artist roster and last year he presented his first EP on the Songbird imprint with the titles "Viva La Revolución" and the original version of "Something Is Broken". His "Maono EP" is the long awaited follow up to this beauty.

With "Maono" and "Miele", Sunny Lax drops two massive progressive tracks that both feature a spacious arrangement and a carefully composed, lengthy break. The melody lines subtly refer to a classic Balearic sound, turning both cuts into the perfect tracks for a daytime progressive set. The Aero 21 remix of "Something Is Broken" revisits the original version with an attractive, newly produced backing track on the Mediterranean tip. Superb return of Sunny Lax.

Track list

  • 01
    By Sunny Lax
  • 02
    By Sunny Lax
  • 03
    Something Is Broken (AERO 21 Remix)
    By Sunny Lax