Stuart Ferguson - The Pathfinder + Switchkick

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Stuart Ferguson - The Pathfinder + Switchkick
1. The Pathfinder (Extended Mix)
2. Switchkick (Extended Mix)

Stuart Ferguson delivers his follow-up to Voodoo EP and it's another double-tracker! Pathfinder is a tech adventure with chunky rolling bass and edgy FX. The first drop from the intro introduces the bass before scratchy percussive elements and stabs drive you along the path to the breakdown. The chord melody starts gentle but soon the mood becomes menacing and it's back to the mayhem. On the flip, Switchkick keeps things firmly on the dark side with a delicious tech groove and layers of percussive delight. The break is again filled with dark melodic trance, before returning to a bassline Vadar would be quite content with.

Track list

  • 01
    The Pathfinder (Extended Mix)
    By Stuart Ferguson
  • 02
    Switchkick (Extended Mix)
    By Stuart Ferguson