Stream Noize & de Cima pres. FORCES - Walls between us

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Stream Noize & de Cima pres. FORCES - Walls between us
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

Stream Noize & de Cima get together again for the next single under their Forces Guise and it's another belter. Walls Between U is pacier than their previous offering In Mente and has a refreshing breaks feel with its power snare smashing every other beat. The intro is dotted with strobed vocal and acid grunts, and an arpeggio leads you to the breakdown; a very rich reverb-filled bowl of melodic noodles. The cut-up vocal returns with complementary bass chords and tribal percussive hits before power-riff elements play out the melody. The remaining build to the drop revolves around a pitching chord backed up with snare, then the drop unleashes the full power of the melody once again. 

Track list

  • 01
    Walls between us (Extended mix)
    By Stream Noize & de Cima pres. FORCES
  • 02
    Walls between us
    By Stream Noize & de Cima pres. FORCES