Stephen Kirkwood - Liberator + Ice Breaker

Outburst Records

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Stephen Kirkwood - Liberator + Ice Breaker
1. Liberator
2. Ice Breaker

Kirkwood has had his biggest year to date when it comes to productions and all things music! The talented Scottish maestro follows up his debut release on Outburst with another 2 track EP, hat features the raw and energetic tracks Liberator and Ice Breaker. These productions combine to give us a very strong follow up, with Liberator being a dark and mysterious “lights out, smoke machine on” banger, that will scare even the hardest of clubbers, whilst Ice Breaker is a fast paced and peak-time uplifter that will make your heart race. Stephen is unstoppable just now, check out this exciting new EP!

Track list

  • 01
    Liberator (Original Mix)
    By Stephen Kirkwood
  • 02
    Ice Breaker (Original Mix)
    By Stephen Kirkwood