Stephen Kirkwood & Frank Dueffel - Aquaplaning

Outburst Records

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Stephen Kirkwood & Frank Dueffel - Aquaplaning
1. Original Mix

Stephen returns to Outburst right after remixing Megamind Taub on the label, but this time he has teamed up with fellow Outburst artist Frank Dueffel to create a ground-shaking tech-trance collaboration! Their track Aquaplaning was recently featured on Mark Sherry’s #Outburst500 album as an exclusive track and now sees the light of day in its extended form. Techy beats, rolling basslines, distorted chord stabs and a huge and relentless soaring melody make this prime-time TECH that is guaranteed to make the ravers moist, dance floors slippery and sound systems shredded. A monster release from a dynamic duo - simply unmissable!

Track list

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    By Stephen Kirkwood & Frank Dueffel