Steil - Black Hole / Malevolent

Rub A Duck

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Rub-A-Duck 077
Steil - Black Hole / Malevolent
1. Black Hole
2. Malevolent

For his first solo single release on the Rub-A-Duck imprint, Steil has created two very exciting dubstep tracks with his already characteristic sound.

Young producer Steil, with a passion for some of the extremer musical sounds, has made a journey through classical music and even metal before ending up in the electronic music scene. He started out as a co-producer in ‘Cidus’ and duo ‘Poststriper & Steil’. Now it’s time to release his own solo sound, combining classical musical elements with modern sound design and hard electronic sounds.

Track list

  • 01
    Black Hole
    By Steil
  • 02
    By Steil