Solarstone - Sky

Black Hole

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BH 966
Solarstone - Sky
1. Original Mix
2. Club Mix

This week, dropping out of the clear blue yonder, the second single transmission prefacing the release of . . . - -
(‘Three’) - Solarstone’s impending longplayer. Really, what brighter way to start the autumn?!!  Chasing up on the heels of ‘Landmark’ - his Lostly team-up, October sees Solarstone reach spiritually, musically and titularly for the sky. 

Pure Trance in its most classic form, ‘Sky’ is equal parts bass & drum powered club rocker and goosebump generating, piano-lit mesmerizer. 

Says DJ Mag of the track (in their 8/10 review), “If you’re looking for wild deviations in Solar tone, best hit skip. If however you’re after another zoomed-in study in Solarstonery, you’re better served (and advised!). ‘Sky’s recognisably throbbing bass pulse, detailed percussion and saucer-eyed vocal are readily equalised by unhurried grand piano, bleepily evocative sub-melodies and a tangible sense of wonder”.

‘Sky’s the limit this month - you can stream/purchase Solarstone’s Sky here from today.

Track list

  • 01
    By Solarstone
  • 02
    Sky (Club Mix)
    By Solarstone