Solarstone featuring Lemon - Lovers

Black Hole

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Black Hole 617-0
Solarstone featuring Lemon - Lovers
1. Original Mix
2. Pure Mix
3. Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix
4. Alucard Remix
5. Pure Mix Instrumental
6. Radio Edit 

With his Vangelis homage ‘Love Theme From Blade Runner’ firmly established as a hot favourite in end-of-year polls, Solarstone’s next single excursion sees the Pure Trance guardian dip back into the sonic riches of his latest album. Moving from ‘Love’ to ‘Lovers’, he’s teamed up with cult New York-based synth-pop outfit Lemon.

Across its Original versions, ‘Lovers’ is a knowing glance back by Solarstone at his formative musical years. Its production and vocals draw affectionate inspiration from a wide artistic palette, with Erasure, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music and Joy Division being just some of its many touchstone influences. Featuring introspective and deeply personal lyrics & vocals from Lemon’s frontman Roger D. Smith, ‘Lovers’ lays and layers them against crisp percussion, atmospheric analogue synths and brilliantly stagey drum rolls.

Masterfully bridging the decades Solarstone’s new Pure Mix versions kick off ‘Lovers’ remix collection. Rushing up to meet 2014 club floors, throughout their intros they utilize high-impact kick-drums, echoing harmonics and the Pure Mixes’ leitmotif running basslines. Building potent levels of tension, the vocal affects a controlled burn on the drop before Solarstone hooks the swirling atmosphere and up-surging synths back in.

Further in trance virtuoso Giuseppe Ottaviani matches the tone of the vocal, fusing a wonderfully mood-filled intro to the opening minutes of his mix. As the remix forms up for the break he introduces shards of melody before finally allowing his sun-kissed synths to dawn over the mix.

Tying up the package, longstanding Solarstone compadre Alucard sinks his teeth into a deeper mix of ‘Lovers’. The Canadian producer brews an early storm through thundery sub-tropical FX and echoed vocal snatches. Through drifting, caught-on-the-wind melodies, intense acoustic & bass guitar lines and slo-mo break-beats, he fashions a deep, sophisticated progressive trancer that sends shivers down the spine.

Track list

  • 01
    By Solarstone featuring Lemon
  • 02
    Lovers (Pure Mix)
    By Solarstone featuring Lemon
  • 03
    Lovers (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
    By Solarstone featuring Lemon
  • 04
    Lovers (Alucard Remix)
    By Solarstone featuring Lemon
  • 05
    Lovers (Pure Mix Instrumental)
    By Solarstone featuring Lemon
  • 06
    Lovers (Radio Edit)
    By Solarstone featuring Lemon