Solarstone and Haris C - Ultraviolet


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Our first release on Touchstone Recordings is remixed from the Solarstone album from which the label takes it's name - 'Touchstone'. The original track was a laid-back breakbeat driven melodic groover, here we have 3 slamming trance mixes.

Solarstone's Pure Mix takes the original track's beautiful melodies and weaves them into a pure trance tapestry, peaktime bigroom trance in all its widescreen glory. Haris C's Mix is a 140bpm full-on driving melodic monster, with a lush pad-driven breakdown. Completing the package is Ehren Stowers with a piano-note layered arpeggio sprinkled melodic trance beauty.

Track list

  • 01
    Ultraviolet (Solarstone Pure Mix)
    By Solarstone and Haris C
  • 02
    Ultraviolet (Haris C Mix)
    By Solarstone and Haris C
  • 03
    Ultraviolet (Ehren Stowers Remix)
    By Solarstone and Haris C