Soarsweep - Hidden In The Cave / Feel No Pain


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Songbird 298-0
Soarsweep EP
1. Hidden In The Cave
2. Feel No Pain

Soarsweep presents his new two-track EP on the Songbird imprint, featuring the titles “Hidden In The Cave” and “Feel No Pain”.

Ever since the ISOS sound became a real staple in the range of styles that modern day electronic dance music offers, a new generation of fabulous talent stood up to deliver their material. Soarsweep is one of them and with this EP he brings the serious deep trance DJs two outstanding cuts that will both work like a charm in a long, story telling style live DJ set. “Hidden In The Cave” kicks the EP off with an uptempo, more or less movie soundtrack build up. There’s a certain influence here that reminds us of classical composer John Williams, who has written the music for many big films. It’s the smooth use of synths that play the theme of “Hidden In The Cave”; something that will send shivers down the spine of true trance lovers.

The second cut in the EP, “Feel No Pain” is another composition that breathes the spacious atmosphere of well arranged and carefully produced deep trance. Once again the melody line takes the listener on a trip through smooth synths, fragile strings and an almost calm, soothing break. For an end of the day sunset DJ performance this would be a perfect track. With these incredible two titles, Soarsweep has put his name of the map of great producers; handing every DJ on the planet an EP that simply has to be in their tracklist!

Track list

  • 01
    Hidden in the Cave
    By Soarsweep
  • 02
    Feel No Pain
    By Soarsweep