Soarsweep - Diffused Memories / Never Grow Up


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Songbird 284-0
Soarsweep EP
1.Diffused Memories // 2.Never Grow Up

A new EP by Soarsweep, released on the Songbird imprint, including the titles “Diffused Memories” and “Never Grow Up”.

The ISOS sound keeps inspiring producers all over the globe. “Diffused Memories” rolls in like a smooth deep trance production that really takes the listener at home and the people on the dance floor for an entertaining ride. Especially the crisp and tight sound of the arrangement, the beats, the percussion, the synths; it all undeniably builds up layer after layer to make the break stand out. Experience those smooth strings and feel the bass roll right through you, it truly is a beauty.

“Never Grow Up” is another excellent gem of a track. DJs behind the decks might as well mix track 1 and 2 from this package one after the other, ‘cause it would make a perfect transition. A joyful sound is what we get to enjoy and images of good times, palm trees and lots of friends pop up in the brain. Soarsweep used this track to showcase his skills when it comes to super smooth and marvelous arrangements and it won’t be long before the big names in the industry will add these two titles to their llive sets or mix compilations!

Track list

  • 01
    Diffused Memories
    By Soarsweep
  • 02
    Never Grow Up
    By Soarsweep