Skysurfer - Colors 2019

HTE Recordings

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Skysurfer - Colors 2019
1. Wavetraxx (Extended) Remix
2. Extended Mix / Original Mix

As we approach the 20th anniversary of this seminal and timeless classic, a track that not only appealed to mainstream trance stages following it's release on Overdose records back in 2000, but also struck a chord on the underground Hard Trance floors simultaneously. With its haunting and ridiculously uplifting pipe synth, and hard as nails underpin - German production legends Andreas Kraemer & Thomas Pogadl really created an anthem in Colors. There have been a few reworks through the years, with a much hyped vinyl re-issue on Hindsight records back in 2008, but we can confidently say that this fresh take on things by Wavetraxx, flexes its musical muscles the most. A slightly harder than usual excursion for the Swiss maestro, featuring futuristic bass patterns, carefully chosen elements and brand new riff section that takes things to even greater heights. We were going to commission a few remixes as part of this special release, but after hearing this , there was little point! Job done! The full original is also available on this release, so be sure to grab that for the collection, if of course you missed it first time around. 

Track list

  • 01
    Colors (Wavetraxx Extended Remix)
    By Skysurfer
  • 02
    Colors (Extended Mix)
    By Skysurfer