Sickflip and RT - Outburst EP

Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck 037
Sickflip & RT - Outburst EP
1. Trippy Track (Intro)
2. Tricky Trap
3. Lift Off
4. Chainsaw Wreckage
5. Click Into Place

Sickflip is a collaborative and experimental solo project brought to life by Sarvesh Shrivastava, 21 year old music producer and DJ from Bombay, India (Founder of the Drum&Bass collective - Mental Martians).

Musically, Sickflip ranges from bass heavy and chest rattling Glitch hop & Dubstep to deep experimental sounds. His music has an indefinable mix of calm & serene atmospheres to heavy and hectic sequences. His styles are majorly influenced by artists like Bassnectar, Koan Sound, Nicolas Jaar, Trolley Snatcha, Tricky, Amon Tobin, Noisia and a lot more.

He intends to collaborate with a lot more artists in future, making more music and hopefully soon unleashing his Glitch Hop & Dubstep Live set. RT is a guitarist who draws his influences from bands like Pink Floyd & Tool. As a young guitarist, he often ventures along Acoustic and Folksy bands but his newly found interest for electronic music has been a major reason for this collaboration with Sickflip, his mate from college. Eskay; Sickflip's significant other, is a female vocalist (along with being an aspiring fashion designer) who has been majorly influenced by artists like Delilah, Goldfrapp, Ellie Goulding etc.

Track list

  • 01
    Trippy Track (Intro)
    By Sickflip and RT
  • 02
    Tricky Trap
    By Sickflip and RT featuring Eskay
  • 03
    Lift Off
    By Sickflip and RT
  • 04
    Chainsaw Wreckage
    By Sickflip and RT
  • 05
    Click Into Place
    By Sickflip and RT