Santerna - Fireball


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Songbird 278-0
Santerna - Fireball
1.Original // 2.Santerna Moon Mix // 3.Instrumental Mix

Santerna drops a nice debut on our Songbird imprint and presents "Fireball".

It's clear that many of the new names on the scene have an open mind to blend bits and pieces from various styles together and turn it into something new and great. "Fireball" is a good example of this fact. There's a hint of progressive in it, a definite trance break, elusive vocals and an incredibly catchy melody line. The abbreviation ISOS jumps to mind once again. And if you want to feature a fully instrumental live set, you know that track 3 in the package is perfect for you.

The Santerna Moon mix makes it clear that this is not a high energy tech trancer, no, here we listen to a warm and crisp track with fat and clubby beats, breezy voice samples and organ style synth chords. By the time the break sets in, we finally return to the trancey part of the track and we enjoy a beautiful and moving arrangement in which we can really feel the bass and bass sweeps slam right through our bodies. Hit!

Supported by: Darko Wandem, Pedro Del Mar, Ernesto vs. Bastian, DJ Ram, Ronski Speed, Existone, Miss Nine, Steve Anderson, Andrea Mazza, Michael Paterson, DJ Sasj, Julius Beat, Markus Schulz, T.O.M., Dimitri Kechagias, Amex, Stuart Millar, Dazzle, Lange, Blake Jarrell, Phynn, Shipstad & Warren, tyDi, Eddie Sender, Menno de Jong, Gareth Emery, Danilo Ercole, JPL, George Acosta, Talla2XL, Sied van Riel, M.I.K.E. and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    By Santerna
  • 02
    Fireball (Instrumental Mix)
    By Santerna
  • 03
    Fireball (Santerna Moon Mix)
    By Santerna