Santerna - Aquamarine / Parallax


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Songbird 296-0
Santerna  EP
1. Aquamarine
2. Parallax

Santerna presents two brand new tracks in this EP: “Aquamarine” and “Parallax”. The release appears on the Songbird imprint.

Once again we can enjoy the luscious and story telling style of Santerna. The EP, Santerna’s fourth release, kicks off with “Aquamarine”, a production with subtle references to the way big names like Jean Michel Jarre used to set up their tracks like “Equinox” and such. Deep trance sets will get just a bit deeper when you put this gem on your play list. It truly pays off to sit back and listen to “Aquamarine” from beginning ‘till the end. The focus her is on the complex arrangement, with layer upon layer of breath taking strings and synths, here and there bathing in rich reverb. During the break the theme is played by what seems to be guitar, but slowly filters towards fragile synths. It’s even a perfect track for multiple hour progressive sets.

The second title in the EP is “Parallax”; another heavily progressive and deep trance track. Here Santerna works around whispered vocals, an attractive arrangement and subtle and continously revolving synth and string sweeps. Don’t forget the ultra low bass in this production ‘cause it will make the club shake from the floor to the roof and in the midst of all that, we suddenly find ourselves in a break that’s as beautiful and balanced as a carefully raked zen garden. Progressive tracks like this will find their way to the big names in the industry before you know it.  “Parallax” really is a killer track and an absolute must.

Supported by:
Riccardo Sada (DJ Mag Italy), Jorg Zimmer, Dimitri Kechagias, Jorn van Deyhoven, Eddie Sender, T.O.M., Markus Schulz, Dylan Warren, Menno de Jong, Miss Nine, Gareth Emery, Julius Beat, Pulser, Lost Stories, tyDi, Andy Duguid, Matt Darey, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Amex, Kris O’Neil, Bobina, Lizzy Curious and many more.

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    By Santerna
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    By Santerna