Sachi Toyama - No Comment 2019

HTE Recordings

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Sachi Toyama - No Comment 2019
1. Wavetraxx Remix
2. DJ Darroo Remix
3. M-Zone Remix
4. Original Mix

Originally released in 2001 on One Trybal records, this Swiss underground beast rises again courtesy of this hot set of mixes. With the original summing up everything that was great from the early noughties and laying down some key elements for a generation ahead. Fellow Swiss Wavetraxx leads the charge with a unique acid-electronic take on things, DJ Darro makes an impressive entrance onto HTE bringing things energetically up to date and we also welcome the UK’s very own underground hard trance pioneer into our house with his own melting pot remix of psychotic trance. Of course we had to include the original mix for those who missed it first time around, in full fat Wav to have and to hold! Enjoy!

Track list

  • 01
    No Comment 2019 (Wavetraxx Remix)
    By Sachi Toyama
  • 02
    No Comment 2019 (DJ Darroo Remix)
    By Sachi Toyama
  • 03
    No Comment 2019 (M-Zone Remix)
    By Sachi Toyama
  • 04
    No Comment 2019
    By Sachi Toyama