Rue Duo - Set the Sun EP


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Wildlife 659-0
1. Set The Sun (featuring Sherelle McKenzie)
2. Zoon
3. Ignite
4. Dusted

Wildlife is proud to present the debut EP by Rue Duo.
Rue Duo are Aaron Taylor and Charlie Robinson. A brand new House music production and DJ duo from the middle of the UK in Leicester.

As individual artists their works can be found on various compilations, including Sony Music and Warners.
Together they have written, produced and shaped their own sound through a catalogue of exciting Tech and Deep House records, with a roster of high end talented vocalists at their disposal.

For their debut release, an EP titled 'Set the Sun' through Wildlife Recordings, the title track features the vocal talents of Sherelle McKenzie (Sister to global superstar Labyrinth, and a rising star in her own right)

Support from: Chris Jyllke, Lucien Foort, Tom Novy, Peter Gelderblom, Jorg Zimmer, Spix, Stefan K, Camilo Santi, Eddie Sender, Jochem Hamerling, Erick Morillo, Ricardo Sada, Shadowfall, JPL, Markus Schulz.

Track list

  • 01
    Set the Sun
    By Rue Duo featuring Sherelle McKenzie
  • 02
    By Rue Duo
  • 03
    By Rue Duo
  • 04
    By Rue Duo