Rosie Romero and Kyfu - Afro Drum


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Avanti 456-0
Rosie Romero & Kyfu - Afro Drum
1.Original // 2.Ian Round Remix // 3.Lance Blaice Remix

Rosie Romero and Kyfu present a brand new single on our Avanti imprint, entitled "Afro Drum".

Adding tribal influences to a dance track always adds a little extra, no matter how you set your production up. "Afro Drum" by Rosie Romero and Kyfu is the perfect example of this notion. The track will serve perfectly on every underground electronic, techno and minimal dance floor. From the very first second that you put this one on, everybody will immediately feel the incredible drive and urge of "Afro Beat". It's most certainly a floor filler, with that hot and sticky bass line deep down in the arrangement. 

For his remix, Lance Blaise stripped the original down to its bare essence and poured a haunting sauce over it. The end result is a superb and dark version that is absolutely perfect for a set in the wee small hours of the night, when only the real party people are still present. Ian Round thought differently and for his remix he reworked the original into a hard and almost old skool style techno slammer. "Afro Drum" is a must!

Supported by: Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Rachel Rixam (Beats Media), Dimitri Kechagias (Dance Radio Global), Nils Brokerhof (Slam FM), Beltek, Eddie Sender, Mario Rybanksy (Dance One Radio), Eric van Kleef (Slam FM, Clubbin'), Riley & Durrant and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    Afro Drum
    By Rosie Romero and Kyfu
  • 02
    Afro Drum (Ian Round Remix)
    By Rosie Romero and Kyfu
  • 03
    Afro Drum (Lance Blaise Remix)
    By Rosie Romero and Kyfu