Roger Shah & LeiLani - Love Heals You

Magic Island Records

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Roger Shah & LeiLani - Love Heals You
1. Original Mix

With Valentine’s Day passing and spring fever slowly taking over, Roger Shah delivers the vocal trance beauty ‘Love Heals You’ to add another dose of feel-good energy to the pre-spring season.

Shah who just released the orchestral album ‘Singularity’ in January, showcasing his work for the movie industry, clearly used the inspiring sounds to create a masterpiece that goes ‘back to the roots’.

’I’m working with LeiLani on a lot of orchestral cues for a company in Hollywood. So this song was originally meant to be a movie trailer cue, but at the end of the cue I felt there were some serious trance melodies and beats. So I changed the song into this uplifting track.’ Shah states.

The Hawaii native singer LeiLani, who’s celebrating her very first release with ‘Love Heals You’ is Shah’s latest addition to his ever-growing roster of fresh vocal talents. Her beautiful, warmhearted voice combined with the classy trance sound, twisted synths and punchy, electrifying basslines seem to be a match made in heaven to trancers’ ears.

’I think this is my biggest real trance anthem since ’Healesville Sanctuary’ in 2010 with a huge 3 minutes breakdown like in the good old trance days when DJ’s were not scared to play long emotional breakdowns. Especially in these crazy times we’re living in I felt like it’s right to come up with something very emotional.’ Shah adds.

‘Love Heals You’ and its emotional, energetic pull takes you back to a time when trance was still made with that extra sense of love, making you feel something you can’t get from anything else but pure trance.

Curious about Roger Shah’s & LeiLani’s collaboration debut? Let love heal you and get your copy on Beatport now!


Track list

  • 01
    Love Heals You (Original Mix)
    By Roger Shah & LeiLani