Rishabh Joshi - Polarize

In Trance We Trust

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Rishabh Joshi - Polarize
1. Original Mix

Rishabh Joshi presents his first solo single entitled "Polarize" on the In Trance We Trust imprint.

Rishabh Joshi, not to be confused with the other producer with almost the same name: Rishab Joshi, the friend and companion of Prayag Mehta, together forming the producer duo Lost Stories from Mumbai, India. Rishabh Joshi is a solo producer and is well acquainted with the boys from Lost Stories, but that’s where all similarities end. Rishabh Joshi has worked on a remix for Flashover Recordings, which was included in the Trance Therapy Volume 6 bundle. He also had an original released on Silk Music's Arrival Sampler 5 and he has been releasing a bunch of originals and remixes on Perceptive Recordings. In terms of support Rishabh Joshi harvested the acclaim from big names such as Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila, Ernesto v/s Bastian, Matt Darey, Tydi and Roger Shah amongst many others.

"Polarize" undeniably fits the sound of the In Trance We Trust imprint like a warm glove. Rishabh created an overwhelming arrangement that makes it perfectly clear what 'symphonic' means in the world of trance. The extensive use of synts, strings and the right amount of fat reverb turn "Polarize" into a fabulous climax track for every DJ's live set. Killer trance banger for the large in- and outdoor DJ sets.

Supported by: Rafael Osmo, Fred Baker, Cressida, T.O.M., Dj Sasj, Dj Ange, Airtight, Steve Anderson, Danilo Ercole, Andrea Mazza, Steve Helstrip, Robert Gitelman, M.I.K.E., Artento Divini, Dj Ram, Pedro Sombra, Kyau & Albert, Flash Brothers, Talla2XL, Akira Kayosa, Michael Badal, Dj MarQ, Simon Budziszyn and many more!

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    By Rishabh Joshi