Richard Durand - Trancematic

Magik Muzik

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Magik Muzik 1041-0
Richard Durand - Trancematic
1. Original Mix
2. Radio Edit

Richard Durand presents his new single “Trancematic” on the Magik Muzik imprint.

With the hard work, relentless touring and the enormous “Vs. The World” project of last year added to his already extensive biography, Richard Durand is already preparing himself for another super busy year. Plenty of new singles and remixes have been slated and a quick look at his upcoming tour schedule already shows that we can expect to see Richard behind the decks on all the ruling events of the season. Richard’s most recent achievement was the single "Radical", which now sees a massive follow up with "Trancematic".

Pulling out all the stops with this towering new trance banger, Richard moves effortlessly from tech trance to big room and back. Especially the killer break with some highly reactive 'fours' in it, will drive everyone to the dance floor. Layering his synths with a fierceness that really defines the track, "Trancematic" will surely hit all the big events with a bang this summer.

Track list

  • 01
    By Richard Durand
  • 02
    Trancematic (Radio Edit)
    By Richard Durand