Richard Durand featuring Kash - Explode

Magik Muzik

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Magik Muzik 923-0
Richard Durand featuring Kash - Explode
1.Club Edit
2.George Acosta Remix
3.George Acosta Dub
4.Jacob Plant Remix
5. Radio Edit
6. Jacob Plant Radio Edit

Richard Durand’s new single taken from his “Wide Awake” album has been released on the Magik Muzik imprint. “Explode” features the vocals from Kash.

Once again Richard Durand picks on of the most climatic tracks from his latest album and gives us “Explode”. A lovely banger for the clubs, one that contains a lot of deep bass, long synth chords and an urging theme nicely programmed on the eighth notes. With Kash’s vocals on top of the backing track every DJ immediately knows that this is one for the crowded club parties. When behind the decks you might want to pay close attention to the bass bins of the speaker system, ‘cause the hammering low of the entire production is absolutely massive.

George Acosta is the man behind the remix and dub for this release. He turned Richard’s original version into a wild and shredding version, but still there’s an incredibly smooth break. Distorted synth stabs and a slow paced run up to the climax right after the break make this version perfect for packed outdoor events on the tech trance tip. Richard Durand’s new single will “Explode” on the dance floor!

Supported by:
Judge Jules, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Matt Darey, Markus Schulz, Andy Duguid, Robbie Rivera, Beltek, Kris O’Neil, Bobina, Riccardo Sada, Kid Massive, Eric van Kleef (SlamFM, Clubbin’), Gareth Emery, Alex O’Rion, George Acosta, Austin Kramer (Sirius XM), Stack (Overdrive Underground), Julius Beat, Dimitri Kechagias, Rachel Rixham, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), DJ Feel, William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), DJ Mikas (TranceClass TV & Radio), tyDi, Raz Nitzan, Lost Storeis, Mark Pledger, Riley & Durrant, Pulser and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    Explode (Club Edit)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash
  • 02
    Explode (George Acosta Remix)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash
  • 03
    Explode (George Acosta Dub)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash
  • 04
    Explode (Jacob Plant Remix)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash
  • 05
    Explode (Radio Edit)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash
  • 06
    Explode (Jacob Plant Radio Edit)
    By Richard Durand featuring Kash

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